LEADING ORGANIZATIONS is not like the 10,000 business books that’s published every year; it does not follow the usual boasts of originality and magic instead it unpacks ten timeless truths that is proven to be crucial to the success of any business.

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Yamaha Marine Receives 2017 Silver Star of Excellence

From American Technical Education Association and the National Technical Honor Society® for Contributions to Technical Education RECOGNIZED FOR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MOTORCYCLE AND MARINE SERVICE PROGRAM AT THE TENNESSEE COLLEGE OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY (TCAT) CHATTANOOGA

Black Pearl Media Works, New Film Projects

Emmy award winning independent filmmaker, Dante James is pleased to announce the formation of Black Pearl Media Works, LLC (BPMW). The multi-media production company has received partial financing for two projects; a feature length documentary, God of The Oppressed and a series of dramatic short films, In Our Own Words.

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